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Ignition Gamers - NDIS Social Activities (1)

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You're not just joining a program: you're making friends, team mates and building a support system that's got your back.

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Gaming is fun - we all know that! But at Ignition, it's not just about the game; it's about leveling up in every aspect of your life.

Ignition Gamers - NDIS social activities

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Here you're not defined by your challenges but celebrated for your strengths. Our approach ensures you get the individual support you need.


At Ignition Gamers, we get it – trying something new can be daunting and nerve-wracking. But trust us, the journey you’re about to take is worth every press of the button. 

Every member of the Ignition team have been hand-picked not only for their experience in the industry but also the invaluable perspective of their own lived experiences. We’ve walked similar paths, faced similar challenges, and at each step we’ve grown stronger. 

You see, while our love for gaming is what unites us, it’s the friendships, adventures and valuable support that keeps our participants coming back week after week, and year after year. 

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At Ignition Gamers, we don’t claim to be the perfect fit for everyone, but what we can tell you is that we’re a diverse and inclusive community. Our participants come from various backgrounds and abilities. Our programs are specifically tailored for young autistic individuals with low-support needs aged 14-35 years, and are crafted to provide a supportive and engaging environment. We understand the unique strengths and challenges that each individual brings, and our goal is to celebrate diversity while offering a space where everyone can feel at home and thrive. 

I'm new to gaming, can I still join?

Absolutely! Our programs are designed for all abilities. Whether you’re new to gaming or a hard-core esports gamer, our programs cater to all skill levels. It’s not about being the best but about enjoying the experience. 

I'm nervous about meeting new people

We hear you; meeting new people can be intimidating. But here’s the thing about Ignition – our community is built on a love of gaming. You already have something in common with everyone here! You’re not alone but among friends who get your passion and can relate to your experiences. 

I'm not good at trying new things

That’s ok! Every participant at Ignition was new once as well, so they know how daunting it is to step outside your comfort zone. We’re an inclusive and supportive group who will help you move at your pace. In our program, you’re encouraged to try new things but never forced. 

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Name: Lachlan

Age: 17

Before joining Ignition Gamers, Lachlan had never had a ‘friend’. There was no one who really understood his journey as an autistic person and he’d never met anyone who loved gaming as much as he did! His parents were worried so they went in search of something fun for him to do. An activity that would improve his social skills and help him find the confidence to make friends. 

That’s where Ignition Gamers stepped in!

We remember asking Lachlan during his free trial session how long he’d been gaming for – “FOREVER” is what he said! We knew he’d love Ignition right there and then. 

At first Lachlan came back to us each week just for the gaming. But then, as the weeks went on we saw a transformation in him.  He had gradually gained confidence, and was happy that he’d found several people who shared his interests. Lachlan forged great friendships that have continued into his daily life, and he’s been with us for over 12 months!  

Ready for your own success story?

autism gaming group canberra


At Ignition Gamers you get to dive into face-to-face gaming sessions, where every button press is a shared moment with other participants. Or, if table-top games and strategic thinking are more your jam, you’ll love our Dungeons and Dragons sessions. And stay tuned for our online remote gaming groups that will bring the Ignition Gamers community to you, where ever you are. Check out our autism gaming group sessions below!

Autism Gaming Group Canberra Participants Sitting Around A Table Playing DnD
Face-to-Face Nintendo Groups

Suitable sessions for 14-35 year old autistic young people with low support needs. Our gamers come together to play games like Super Mario Bros., Party Animals, Vampire Survivors and the Disney Illusion Island Game. Don’t see your favourite game here? We have a massive library of games and we’re always open to suggestions!

Role Play Table Top Game Groups

Suitable sessions for 18 -35 year old autistic young people with low support needs. Explore Dungeons & Dragons, Hero Quest, Magic the Gathering and more! These strategic table top role play games are all the rage among autistic gamers.

Online Remote Gaming Groups (Coming Soon)

Open to all genders and suitable for 16-35 year olds, this is our brand-new online program, powered by our gaming and learning platform. It offers a structured journey for participants to develop vital skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. We cover a wide range of topics chosen by participants, from hygiene and nutrition to cybersecurity and community management.


Here's how we do it:

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Step 2: free trial session

Go on - give it a go! We offer a free trial session at our Canberra studio so you can check us out for yourself. Don't worry, you can sit-back and watch or join in and play. Stay for the whole session or leave when you want. It's completely up to you.


Now you've joined Ignition, the fun starts. You'll make great mates who have shared interests and experiences, build confidence and feel more independence. You're in-control and leveling up!

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