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There is a place for your son

NDIS Social Activities For neurodiverse Young Men

Watch your son develop relationships, build confidence & become independent

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This isn’t a cookie-cutter program. We fully know and understand your trials and how hard it has been.​

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The young men all have something in common…gaming! It’s why this works so well.

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There’s no pretentiousness here. Just a place of community, safety and growth.​

Does your son love playing video games?​

We've got a great place for him.

We use the passion he and other young men like him have for playing video games to transform young men with Autism.

You shouldn't have to keep explaining your son or worrying if he will have a future.

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You deserve the peace of mind knowing your son is in a safe and understanding environment that’s helping him grow to the independent man he is meant to be.

Uniquely designed for your son and the mates he is about to have.

It all begins by having a mutual interest. For your son to get the best outcome, we can meet him beforehand so he knows someone there.

In a safe, relaxed and suitable location. Where you can vent your frustrations, chat about your life and talk about your plans for the future with people you can trust.​
Covers all aspects of your life from someone who shares a similar life experience and knows the ropes. You’ll have the sounding board you need to make the right decisions for your life.​
Peer Support And Encouragement
Explore new activities like going to the gym, mountain bike riding, volunteering, further education or job and career guidance.
Access To Ignition Gamers
An exclusive group for high-functioning neurodiverse males aged 18–30 who love gaming and want to share experiences and support each other in their own private space.
Online Squad Games
Weekly access online to play squad games. Head to ignition Hub Canberra monthly to play and have lunch with the team.

Meet Will

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I’m Will Golding, and just like you, I’m a high-functioning neurodiverse young man who loves gaming. I used to think my diagnosis meant I’d never know how to fit into society because I see life differently than others. Most people assume autism is just one thing. They don’t see that it’s a spectrum, so “high-functioning” young adults, like me, don’t experience the same types of challenges as others on the spectrum. And unfortunately, the right levels of support are not there.
Every day we’re faced with challenging and difficult scenarios. Social situations can quickly become overwhelming; high stimulus environments are generally too much, and finding (and holding down) a suitable job is tough. If I’m honest, we never feel like we’re going to fit in.

But living with autism doesn’t have to be this way. Sure there will always be challenges; but instead of thinking of it as game over, it’s game on!

And that’s where I come in. Consider me your peer or ‘mate’ who’s lived, and continues to live, a similar life. Ignition is my way of bringing together like-minded and active high-functioning autistic men who want to move forward with their lives. I pair my own life experience with my connections to help you expand your horizons through social groups, fitness, education or employment

If there’s ever a chance to move up a level and ignite your life, IT’S NOW.

William Golding
Mental Health Peer Worker

Will - Ignition Gamers

We've Experienced The Same Challenges You Have.

We know how hard it can be. You want the best for your son; however, you are continuously battling the system and experiencing all of the highs and lows.
You want him to have friends and a future. It’s important to us that he does as well. It’s the reason we started Ignition Gamers.

What Others Are Saying

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3 Simple steps to a better more productive life

Step 1: Start Here

Follow the instructions and ensure this is the right program for your son. Once confirmed, the service agreement is signed, services chosen, and staff allocated.

Step 2: Build Connection

Connection begins by meeting Will or one of the group's hosts beforehand at a familiar location. This will help him feel comfortable (they talk primarily about video games) before starting with the Gamers.

Step 3: Happy & Independent

He has a group of mates, confidence grows with a vision for the future. He learns how to be independent and you can have peace knowing he will be ok.

You will love watching your son find purpose and become independent

There is a good future for him:
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Society is harsh on those with Autism and Aspergers. This doesn't mean your son can't have a happy, independent and fulfilling life.

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Let's use his love of gaming to develop him into the man he is supposed to be.